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The project

In the past decade, we have been increasingly concerned by the fact that women and men are still not equally treated across the globe, most often to the disadvantage of women. At the dusk of the 21st century, it seems rather peculiar that, on many fronts in society, women are still disadvantaged, in some cases to the extent that the situation resembles that of thirty years ago.

Our goal is not only to pursue our work on language use, but also to create and evaluate concrete interventions directly aimed at reducing inequalities between women and men. We believe that these interventions should be based around the idea that at the moment, girls and boys (and women and men), do not really have free will over their life choices. From birth till adult life, women and men are assigned (through education, through cinema, through songs,…) to specific sex roles, which generate unbalanced life opportunities.

Changing current societal balance between women and men (or imbalance), through any intervention, is complex, though. As simple as the issues associated to such an imbalance may sound, they are incredibly difficult to deal with, inasmuch as there are many factors contributing to gender inequalities. And for this, we need proper resources to give it a real shot. 

For this, we need your support!

You can download a short description of the project here. If you wish to know more about the project, please do not hesitate to contact Pascal Gygax . He will send you the detailed description of the project, the budget covering the requested funding, and the team members' full Curriculum Vitae.